Castlegate Opening Party!

With just one month to turn and old Gregg’s to a makerspace, we did it! We had the party, made the things and drank the fizz. The one post where I’ll say, I wouldn’t have done a single thing differently!

Our brilliant team of Zoe, Madawi, Kisha (me) and Kristie really stuck through the entire process good and ugly to pull off an incredible space and fun opening party.

200 visited our small, city centre makerspace over the day. Families made a Future Castlegate during the day to be displayed in our window. Adults explored the loading bay (we all love what’s off limits) and co-created a Rube Goldberg machine.

Nothing beats the sound of grownups cheering as their Rube Goldberg Machine finally works just at the strike of closing. What a way to end a very busy month!