Making Ottomans with Girls with Drills

This is by far my favourite workshop.

Women join me for a day and it’s such a journey for all of us.

We start the day wide-eyed and bushy tailed, anticipating what using a drill for the first time will be like. Then I tell them, they can also use the big, noisy mitre saw. Most people get a bit frightened at this point and apprehensive about using such a sharp and fast moving powertool. By the end of the day, every single person is asking where to get one - an absolute win!

I love it when people take a ‘risk’ and gain a bit of confidence as a result. It doesn’t feel adventurous unless it feels risky first.

After the women cut all their wood and get the frame assembled using a drill, we get to add a bit of personality. Each wooden frame looks exactly the same - besides a few wobbly legs. Each woman brings her own fabric. The fabrics have amazing stories. Stories about the woman who sold her the fabric. A story about building something for a son. My favourite fabric story was from a woman who bought a dress because she liked the fabric but they didn’t actually have one in her size so it’s been sat in her wardrobe for a year! She turned that dress into an ottoman.

Then the end of the day comes and I get to tell everyone to get home and put their feet up ;)